SQL Password Recovery under Most Probable Situations

SQL Password Reset

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SQL servers serving great number of organizations these days because it creates large databases. In the places where organizations have to deal with bulk data, administrators have first choice for Microsoft® SQL server. Under many unfortunate conditions, you feel to carry out SQL password recovery. The noticeable thing here is that recovery of SQL passwords should have to be done with online software solutions because of reliability factor.

SQL Password Recovery software is an online solution which will help you to recover you lost SQL password and unlock SQL password conveniently. This application is used all over the world for providing effective consequences. You can run this tool on any SQL version.

Reasons for Losing SQL Password

Frequent Password Change

There are numerous security experts, who in order to enhance the SQL security, change password time to time. This would ensure tough situation ahead because password change can create confusion. Though, there are many alternate solutions via which you can retrieve SQL password but for best results, use only professional application because they are fast in performance.


Habit to Forget Password

You may face the issue of forgetting SQL password any time. Perhaps, by following security practice to your SQL database, you have shown the good sign of your intelligence but many a times, you won't be able to access SQL database because of your inability to recall SQL password.


Other Most Probable Reasons for Losing SQL Password

There can be different reasons where you might have lost SQL password, like:

  • Person who has installed the password/knows the password has left the work place
  • Password file has lost
  • You have not written password in your password file


Alternate Solutions

There many alternative solutions to get SQL password back, some of them are as follows:

  • You can login to server using MSSQL Server Management Studio Express
  • You can alter the password by utilizing sp_password
  • You can use third-party software

The above two methods required your high skills otherwise alternate results can come in front of you. It is thus important to make sure that you use best possible solution so that finest results can be obtained.

What to do Finally? At this point, you might think to reinstall SQL because you are unable to open SQL database conveniently. When you are using MS® SQL server, then it is very crucial for you to know your password, otherwise, outcome could be hard to believe.

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